Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our project car ...watch this space!!




We now have sponsored another race car to develop and test the company products.

Welcome ' KHR5 '.

外装は「DTM」 を意識したデザイン
Audi A5 chassis with fabricated front and rear sub frames DTM design. 
Rear mounted radiator and 3 point air jacks.

2023 October

Kinokuni will have a booth at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon on January 12th to the 14th. We happily will be celebrating our 50 years of business and look forward to seeing you all after 3 years of absence. On display we will have our 2 race cars, the Suzuki Jimny and a carbon fiber bodied Audi. The large open booth will have on display our latest products with staff to answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you all again.

2021 July 15th

The world has been turned upside down with the Covid 19 virus that has spread to affect everyone. We have had many pandemics before but these were localized as a few years ago easy, quick travel and communication was a dream. Kinokuni has had no infections but at the price of not meeting with our customers. 

The next Tokyo Auto Salon still seems a little too early to have a happy, safe get together (including overseas customers) again so we are looking at another year away from the show. The sales of the Ice Flow products are progressing well as government departments, surgeons and race teams are using and giving feed back of their experiences. Those suggestions are helping us to improve our packages and options available.

Like most other companies with the slow shipment of goods, keeping our normal 6 month stock on hand has been very challenging. Hopefully the worst is behind us all so we can look forward to a more normal lifestyle very soon.

Nov. 28th
As the 'Corona 19' year comes to an end Kinokuni have mailed out the latest catalogue. Although we have updated our new products on the homepage, now you can have the 420 page product catalogue in your hand. Because
of the restrictions this year we have not had the opportunity to meet you all at events and that will include the Tokyo Auto Salon that we will not be participating in this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone happy and smiling sometime next year. Stay healthy and love your car.

July 23rd
We are still very busy making displays for the Tokyo Auto Salon but with the Corona new case numbers increasing it is slowly looking like the Show will very difficult to be held. It's a lot money and time for the vendors and if the customers are reluctant to attend then it defeats the purpose of having the show. No decision has been made yet.

Liqui Moly race car oils and additives are now available from Kinokuni after a full container of product arrived from Germany and arranged on our shelving.  The oil in Japan is very popular with race bikes however in Europe it has been the No1 selling oil for many years. Started just after the World War II they are like Red Bull and advertise mainly through sports events and are a major sponsors of F1 and the Olympic Games.

April 20th

Although we have not being posting recently many things are happening. Of course the Corona Virus has changed the world we live in and for some time perhaps life styles and ways of thinking will change. Who would believe that a virus would put the complete world in a stand still mode.

After a successful Tokyo Show and discussions at that time we decided to add a couple of new companies to our product line up. One is a major world brand and the other a cutting edge race car wiring system. Because of this we have been very busy on a steep learning curve and procuring products so to add them in our latest catalogue. 

Shipping from overseas has slowed down and become more expensive but it looks like we can have full stock very soon.  Racing is another area where plans are hard to make so our Audi is on the back burner for awhile.

In the meantime Kinokuni asks that you do not visit the shop but purchase on line or over the phones. Shipment of orders is running smoothly which is what we hope Japan will be like very shortly. Wishing you a healthy 2020. 

January 19th
Months of preparation for 3 days display at the Tokyo Auto Salon is now over. This year we were in a separate hall where the organizers have congregated the performance cars and products leaving the main halls to the manufactures to display their new cars. This meant the event customers could choose which area to spend time in. The result was we had few 'tire kickers' and could have in depth car conversations with most customers.

The finished race car on display helped showing where
                 our products are used and the results of one year testing.
Rodger of Vuplex came by with his acrylic cleaner which cleaned and took most of the scratch marks from the race car windscreen.
The new products were well received. Ice Flow has a full range of personal cooling systems which were originally developed for military use however Kinokuni made the system suitable for any type of working and sports area.
Cartek is an electronic ignition system that compacts the electrics by making fuses, switches and relays obsolete. This system combined with the aircraft multi pin (mil spec.) connectors makes the race car wiring less  prone to electrical gremlins.
Thanks to all who visited us and see you again next year.

December 14th

Over the last 3 months we have been busy preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon starting on January 10th to the 12th. The photo shows Glen putting the finishing touches to some acrylic display stands for a new product line. See you all in January 2020.

October 12th

After the last Formula Drift event the race car posed outside Kinokuni in beautiful sunshine.  In the preparation before qualifying at the last event the race crew noticed a disturbing noise from the engine so decided not to run. We are guessing a valve problem but will look deeper when it's back in the workshop. Thanks to all for their hard work this year and will now be working on PR work building up to the Tokyo Auto Salon.

July 31st
The Fuji event provides some comfort as the pit areas can be used.

 We were very happy to use the pits as there was a typhoon passing by which meant very heavy rain but not enough to close the track which I believe is triggered at 10mm/hr. Tried to use the tent at the staging area but the strong winds prevented it's use.
The temperatures were cool so the new Ice Flow in car driver cooling system was not tested. The car was well set up and the driver on target so were able to edge out a 3 times event champion to get into the top 16. A minor driver mistake so we couldn't advance any further. The event commentators were surprised that the chassis set up has advanced so quickly to become a top level race car in the series. Normally this takes several sessions so thank you to the team for your expertise.  

July 4th
Our new tent saved the day as the heavens fell for much of the drift event held at Ebisu where we made it into the top 10 shootout and
finished 4th.The front tires had poor grip, low tread temperature even though the corner entry speed was about 160kph. The car and driver both combined well for this good finish. The tent is rather special but more detail on that later.

 Some close drifting with the eventual winner.
The car is totally stripped between events to fully inspect all components and here is a photo of the wheel alignment in progress.

May 5th

A great video from the driver perspective.
The video was shot from this Skyline R34 
The car was given a great write up by the well known internet magazine Speedhunters at the last test day.


April 21st

Tire Temperature

Tires now come in very complex compounds so getting them in the best temperature range for the most grip requires accurate information from sensors. This information can then be used to setup the suspension to have a uniform tire tread temperature. Most tracks are set up in 3 sectors and usually the car can’t be perfect for all 3 so this is where the data can help decide the highest percentage for the best setup and where the driver has to change his driving style to accommodate the sector where the setup is not optimum. On an F1 car the ECU automatically changes the cars settings for each section of the track. Things like brake balance, ABS, diff, shock, clutch, throttle settings, steering resistance, and many more.  Along with a good data acquisition system sensors measure temperatures across each tires tread and from this information in a data overlay the tires performance can be observed at in one meter segments of the track.

 The photo is showing the 4 tires, car’s speed, g force, car’s weight on each tire and the tire temperatures across the tread at this exact point in the corner. With this information we can try to even out all the temperatures using camber settings, tire pressure, spring and anti roll bar settings.

In this case the left front tire is loaded up but the outer edge is cool. We should try lowering the tire pressure then reduce camber settings at the front. The right hand front is hot in one place possibly due to the high front camber settings making the contact patch to the left of centre on the inside line tire. The cheaper method and old school is by using a pyrometer probe to check the tread left, center and right when the race car pulls into the pit. The problem is that the tires are starting to cool down as you slow down coming into the pit and obtaining all 4 tire temperatures takes time. The biggest demerit is that the temperatures are in the pit so you have no information on how the tires are reacting while cornering or at top speed down the straight. With a data acquisition system at every meter of the track you have accurate tire temperatures. 

Here is a 3 sensor tire temperature set up that is attached to the steering arm so that the sensors are always reading from the same place on the tire even during corning. 

Pictured is a Longacre tire tread temperature digital meter. Part no. 50635.

In this photo the probe is being pushed into the surface of the outer edge of the tread.

March 16th and  car information 23rd update.


 Helrun 5 just completed it's shake down in front of the media with no major problems. We have lots of data to make many changes but all smiles on a successful launch on a warm day at Fuji Speedway.

Aerodynamics also play a very large part with the race car stability and directly affect every system on the car. Very expensive and time consuming CFD simulations and wind tunnels for the most part will give a good base line on the car and wing designs but ultimately the real test is on the track. Even F1 make poor decisions (mistakes) so have to go back to the basic air flow tests of years gone by. The most basic is multiple short tufts of wool taped across an outside surface which will show the air direction when the car is running.

F1 do not use this time consuming method but use Flow Viz. This is a kerosene and paint powder mix which is sprayed onto the aero surface. At over 70kph the kerosene will move with the air flow and evaporate leaving the paint powder to show the direction of the air over the surface being tested. This will show where the air stays attached to the body panels and where turbulence occurs. Actually both attached air and turbulence are required on a race car.
In F1 turbulent air is produced at the ends of the front wing which is then funneled alongside the barge boards which will help stop the underside air flow from spilling out of the sides of the car. This will result in the most amount of high speed air flow running under the car creating low pressure and hence down force. The diffuser helps pull air through under the car then expands creating low pressure and speeds the air to mix with the over car high speed flow resulting in no turbulence and low drag.

In the above diagram the air flow is squeezed at the front suspension after which the venturi speeds up the flow and creates low pressure/downforce. 

The diffuser uses the underside of the car body to mimic the underside of a wing. The diffuser’s expanding opening creates a low pressure area under the rear of the car that generates downforce.

The wind tunnels with the confining walls can sometimes not give accurate air flow so on track you will often see the above air pressure sensor arrays being used to give real world data. Ferrari in 2017 had a car that did not perform aerodynamically. Their on track data and wind tunnel didn’t correlate. They found that the wide outwash produced by the front wing was bouncing back from the wind tunnel walls changing the air flow calculations around the car so quickly they changed the tunnel design. For the most part only the Toyota wind tunnel in England is large enough to test F1 cars. The 2019 rules are written to limit the air outwash alongside the car as the resulting turbulent air behind the car is so large that following cars getting within one car length have no down force on their front wings so passing becomes very difficult.

March 10th
      Data Acquisition Quick Overview.
For those who are interested or maybe planning to build a race car or even modifying your existing car! We will be posting some technical data over the next few weeks.
So you have a race car but don’t know if it is set up to perform at 100% or if the setup suits the driver and track.
The only way to have a near perfect set up is to have accurate information and a way to analyze the maze of data. An F1 car has around 300 basic sensors and actuators. The average car has over 100 however these involve many items not related to race cars ie. air conditioning, windows, heated seats, cruise control, automated engine wiper systems and engine etc.
In a race car the raw data can be seen on the onboard monitor but for the most part it is stored in a data logger from which is then downloaded into a computer. There are many data acquisition programs which will accept the inputted information and overlay them in a visual format that can then be analyzed. 
The hard core data from the power train, oil, fuel and water temps, pressures, suspension, tires, track conditions is then overlaid with time, speed and GPS information. This will then give you exactly what the driver and car was feeling at that particular point in one meter increments on the circuit. With several laps you can then see what combination will make the car go the fastest at that point.

March 4th

A British electronics maker Cartek, make this solid state power distribution panel.  The panel is a Power Control Unit and Switch panel in one, The main advantage of using a Power Distribution Panel is that it directly replaces Fuses, Relays, Switches and all the wiring in between.
The Willwood blue and red knob in the photo is to adjust front and rear brake balance.

Another product from Cartek is this solid state battery isolator which is FIA compatible. It can be activated by internal and external kill switches which will cut the power on the negative side of the battery and also stop the engine power supply.
The four Run Max 90 degree fittings are part of the fuel supply. The photo shows the lines being directed below the trunk floor via bulkhead fittings and from there under the car to the engine.

Feb. 28th 
Option magazine ran a Japanese language article on the new race car. here are some of the photos they used. 

This Chevy crate engine was chosen as it is robust for the demands of racing. It was designed for 3 years of drag racing or 300 runs. The LSX 454 R is fuel injected, dry sumped with 13:1 CR and retains the American V8 push rod engine style. 786HP/7,000rpm and 89 kgs/5,100rpm.

The transmission is a Quaife QBE69G sequential straight cut gear 6 speed.
The differential is a Winters Performance product. It's a quick change with 3 ratio gear sets to be tested in a couple of weeks.

The Moroso dry sump is a 4 stage system with an oil capacity of 12 liters. Normally this will give an extra 25 hp over a wet sump system. 

Helrun 5 is fitted with a AP Racing 3 air jack system which is fed on Nitrogen at 30 bar and will support 675kgs per jack. Great for in pit work.

Feb. 24th

Helrun 5 has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind with total removeable, non structural body panels using mainly push only quick release fittings. These large body panels can be removed in seconds.

Feb 16th
It's alive!

Helrun 5 sitting on it's 3 point chassis jacks literally screamed into life.

More sensors to create a data base of steering wheel inputs which will added to other data into getting the car and driver in perfect synchronization.

Feb. 8th
Snow is close by and on the ground but slowly we are getting the final details sorted out by adding as many information sensors to better test and setup up the car quickly and accurately.

On the intake of the Audi race car we have installed a Kinokuni piping clamp. Normally a silicon hose or solid straight welding is used.
Vibration often will result in the hose coming off or welds breaking. The clamp allows for some flexibility using the 'O' ring to constantly make the seal.
Easy to install and can be removed quickly. Great for intercooler piping.

These are the sensors for measuring the tire temperatures which can be read real time on the driver display. We have the option of adding multiple sensors to each tire to read inner, center and outer tread temps.

More sensors to show the stroke on all the shock absorbers in real time.
Every time the car moves as a result of a bump, wing force, or G force from lateral or longitudinal acceleration, the shock will influence the weight transfer on that corner of the car. In almost all cases the force from the shocks is much greater than the force from the spring and it will control more weight than the static weight.This data will give a detailed analyses of the chassis and suspension balance. Well that's the job of our data acquisition engineer.

The new Kinokuni CPC aircraft harness couplings are now in use on the race car.

Jan. 25th  2019

Looking good at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Chevy LSX454R. 780hp NA. Dry sump by Moroso.
Testing starts in February with the first scheduled event in May.

Here is the front facing titanium exhaust all connected and finished.
There is a lot of work to weld the titanium exhaust.

2019年のオートサロン が終了しました。
今回もたくさんのお客様にお越しいただき ありがとうございました。
After the Tokyo Auto Salon this is feeling that all the booth staff have when the trucks are loaded and head back off to the respective warehouses. Little did we know that behind the yellow packing were 3 missed boxes so we had to wait for the truck to do a U turn and load them on. 

Nov. 20th
YB2 is still sleeping in our sunlit showroom as we work hard on our new project car which will be displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. We have been testing many new products plus incorporating so many Kinokuni products into our new very wild race car. It's a huge step up in all ways from the Jimny so it will push our products to the limit. The wiring harness on the new car has 3 of the CPC connectors which helps prevent wiring problems in the harsh environment of a race car. 

April 2nd


YB2 is up for sale as we are constructing another race car which will be  better for parts testing and will be entered into all race categories. Testing of our products has resulted in finally having a stock number for a kit to save hours of work when working in the engine bay. These same multi pin quick release connectors are used in light aircraft.

Here are the photos of the YB2 installation with 37 pins being used mainly for the ECU wires and sensor connectors



There are 2 types of connectors. First is the 37 pin low amperage terminals and the 2nd has 4 large terminals for heavier amperage along with 16 low amp. pins. Also to protect the harness as it leaves the connector there are 2 covers, straight and 90 degrees to choose from. Wires are crimped using universal electrical pliers

↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Old Project ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ 


・Wiring & computer setting

Welding & maintenance


・Water pressure transfer printing & Parts installation

-ご協力企業様 Link-

Design concepts for our new demo car!
This project will be a #Suzuki #Jimny JB23W body, retaining its factory separate chassis, modified to suit all the running gear from a Nissan Silvia S15!
The car will feature an easily removable body, that will flip up to better display Kinokuni products on the chassis, much like our existing display buggy. Our fluid and electrical quick release products will be used !
Stacked, Inc. in Sakai city, Osaka, will be responsible for building the platform, then to be brought to our shop in Iwade city later in the year for a fit-out of our current products and some new ones as well.

2018 Tokyo Auto Salon が終了しました
本当にありがとうございましたm(_ _)m
The Show is over until next year so we want to thank all of you who visited our booth and look forward to seeing the people who could not make it this time. Because we are hoping to build another parts test car we have the YB2 up for sale and will ship to any overseas customer.
After the Show the car was the first to head home.
Last, was packing the truck for the all night drive back to the shop.
Passed Fuji with clouds secretly covering the summit.
The sun going down on the way home.
Making the final adjustments to the booth before opening.
Another exciting Tokyo Auto Salon.
The team after getting the booth set up.
At 5pm on Sunday the booths are literally scrapped within a couple of hours. Pandemonium!

- 告知 -

We are selling our demonstration car. Many thanks to all the people over the years who have spent endless days and long nights working on the car.
It is a space frame car that Kinokuni has used to display our products at the Tokyo Auto Salon. We also used it to test many of our products in closed track settings.
We used a lot of name brand parts plus original Run Max products and the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon will be the last exhibition for YB2
Of course, the price is negotiable

- お知らせ/Notice -
2018年 1月12日(金)から14日(日)の期間で開催される
1 ホール  小間番号120 です
The Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 will be from January 12th (Frid.)to the 14th(Sun.) and Kinokuni has finally received notification of our booth's location. We are in Hall 1 at booth No.120, which puts us on the major manufactures road and in front of Toyo Tires.
Our enlarged booth over last year will be an open layout with a very welcoming Kinokuni staff to explain our products. We look forward to saying hello.

ずいぶんご無沙汰しておりました m(__)m
It's been a while since our last post but we have been busy testing many interesting products which will displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon.
To that end YB2 was off to the workshop for the same preparations.
 Here is one of our new products being extensively tested at Suzuka last month. Find out what it is on January 12th at the Tokyo Show.

Sept. 30th
もしよろしければ下記リンクから閲覧 ください!

At the Okayama Meeting we had 3 cameras recording the event.
Normally, being a guest of a magazine we would pick up the video from the sponsor magazine but this time they had no camera crew so we have tried our best to edit our amateur photography attempts. Hope you enjoy the footage.

August. 27th
m(_ _)m ありがとうございました m(_ _)m
We made it to the Okayama circuit on a real hot day.
For the Demo run the team members gave the pro driver all the information he wanted.
YB2 after it's sea journey to Thailand was not in good tune but after 30 minutes of loud throttle blipping she came on song and performed well.
The brief before the run,
The promoters had set up areas for specialty cars.
The circuit is very much in the countryside so noise is not a problem however the heat and large insects were.
Spent an hour checking the car while being interviewed by our hosts, Rev Speed Magazine.

August 18th
おしらせで~す 8/27 岡山国際サーキットで行われる
Kinokuni/YB2 has been invited by Rev Speed to the Hyper Meeting at Okayama Circuit (TI) on Sunday 8/27. There will be a practice run with a Pro Driver in the morning and probably another in the afternoon. Kinokuni booth will be set up by the 4 team members so hope to see you there.

August 10th
#YB2 が帰国したので青海埠頭へ迎えに行っていきました。
Went to collect YB2 in Tokyo (7hr trip) on Sunday the 6th and got her on the truck on Monday. At the start of our return journey we had a good view of Mt Fuji but also knew that a large typhoon was close by. It started to rain heavily along with strong wind gusts so stopped at a highway rest area. Out on the road again only to have the highway closed so after much deviation we made home safely after midnight. Really worn out after the trip. 
7日午前の富士山 That's was our view of Mt. Fuji.

....and out she comes in sunshine again.

August 4th
カスタム野郎Cチームに、ちょこっとだけですが #YB2 が登場します
MCには、湘南乃風のRED RICEさん
そしてアドバイザーは、月刊カスタムCAR 田中編集長さんが

Fuji TV's pay channel has made a program of our race car at the Bangkok Auto Salon so do hope you have access to this channel. YB2 will be back in the shop next week after it's ship voyage in a container..


July 11th

The Bangkok International Auto Salon where our race car was displayed has now finished, The display of 6 cars from Japan proved popular among a very high technical level of the local cars. A big thank you to all who made the event possible. YB2 will again be sailing the high seas with a Japan ETA of late August. Here is a link to the Bangkok Auto Salon facebook コチラ

June 6th
この度  #YellowBullet2  は、7/5~9にタイで開催される
The race Yellow Bullet 2 is on it's way to the Bangkok International Auto Salon which is on from 7/5 to 7/9th.
On June 6th the car was loaded into a container along with the full team of 6 Japanese cars organized by the Tokyo Auto Salon.
The day before loading it was pouring with rain but loading day was happy days and sunshine.

From the left going in the same container is YB2, RE Amemiya and Pandora. 
Good shot over the wing of the Tokyo big city.
Glorious sunshine before being looked up. Have a safe trip YB2.
See you soon in Bangkok.
Another view of Tokyo from the harbour on a clear sunny day.

May 23th
発送の準備が整い次第 順に発送させていただきます~!
At last the latest 290 page catalogue is being posted out to our regular customers. Thousands are printed which takes 3 stages and 3 machines four days to complete the run.

April 27th
現在発売中の #REVSPEED 6月号に
「REV SPEED Meeting」当日の模様が記事になっています。
YB2も “番外編” ということで掲載されています!
The RevSpeed magazine, June edition is now on sale with the main feature being the Tsukuba Time Attack event. YB2 is there with a very respectable time considering it was not set up for track racing having been mainly used for drifting. In the DVD Mr. Tsunako gives his impression of the car.

April 10th
 先日開催された「REV SPEED Meeting」の模様を掲載していただいています!
m(_ _)m ありがとうございます m(_ _)m

Many thanks to Ron Celestine at Speedhunters who did a great write up on YB2 at the Rev Speed meeting.
Included is a link to the You Tube video of the in car action of the 5 lap sprit race.


April 3rd
1周につき1台を抜いていき、とうとう最終ラップ へ!
Team members drove the one way trip of 10 hours as guests of the Rev Speed Magazine event in Tsukuba.
Various events were on but we were plugged into Time Attack and a 5 lap reverse grid race. It was our first time for everything today, race circuit, time attack and a race so we had our fingers crossed.
The car performed faultlessly all day.
At first seeing the car our very accomplished pro driver had a frown on his face and mumbled, "what's this?" Out he went and laid down a 1'06.448 lap time which was much better than anyone thought  for a car that has not been set up for such a race and aerodynamically is shaped like a brick.
The feedback from the experienced driver was impressive as he informed us that we needed more brakes and a different suspension setup so we will work on that.
The driver finally was actually smiling at how much fun he was having in the car which has no driver electronic devices so it took him back in time when cars were strictly mechanical.
Next we were entered into a 5 lap reverse grid race with 10 other cars, some with turbos.
We were 5th on the grid however our get away was slow.
We kept our position and every lap we passed a car with the turbo power out of the corners till finally hitting the front in the last lap doing a best time of 1' 06.431. Winner even though we had only the second best lap time.
Happy faces all around.
This was close to the end of the day and after having a slow day in our tent booth after the 5 lap race win we were flooded with curious racers till it was time to wrap up for the day.
Thanks to all for an incredible day.

Here is the You Tube link for the full video of the 5 lap race.

 6:00AM頃 到着
Arrived at 6.00am after a good nights rest nearby.
Into the drivers meeting.
All quiet while busy preparing the car.
Gates open to good weather.
Still more coming in.
Finally checks completed.
Famous driver interviews.
なんと今回ドライバーを担当していただきました「砂子塾長さま」 ありがとうございましたm(_ _)m
The magazine introduced our driver of the day Mr. Sunako who is the track pro driver and instructor. A very big help. Thanks.
 駐車場の端に植栽されている桜が開花していました 春ですね~
Cherry blossoms blooming in the car park so spring is really here.
イベントも終了 夕闇に向かって帰路につきました
The long drive home after the event.

A short video of the car at full throttle.

Mar 24th
4月2日(日曜日) つくばサーキット コース2000
「 REV SPEED Meeting 2017」に出展いたします!!
色々なイベントと かぶっちゃってますが
Next week, Sunday April 2nd we will be taking YB2 to Tsukuba for the Rev Speed meeting of 2017. We have been asked to do a demonstration run and will have our tent #1, set up with new products along with some of the more popular items. Please come along and say hello. The aero parts we had on at the Tokyo Show are too fragile for the circuit so the car is now naked waiting a new format.

We also finally located our corner weight scales that had not been used since we were tuning drag cars many years ago. We will now be able to set up the suspension accurately so that the car will be easy and smooth to drive.....we hope.

Mar 6th
パシャシャシャ パシャシャシャ パシャシャシャ パシャシャシャ パシャシャシャ
It's been some time since the last post as the team  members have been busy plus the cold winter temperatures have not helped. Now that we are in lighter wind jacket temps. the race car was brought to the Kinokuni car park for a multitude of photos for the new Kinokuni parts catalogue which will feature many of the photos.

Here is a shot of the wrapped exhaust manifold with temp.
Sensors for fine tuning fuel mixtures at small increment rpm's on the Haltech ECU
Just a general engine bay photo however the top left shows the Run Max quick release non spill fittings fitted to the clutch, rear and front brake lines. On the left side of the intake manifold is the remote Run Max oil filter and beside the MAF is the 700hp fuel regulator. Run Max air filter and the efficient Setrab intercooler.

Feb 25th
付属DVDの「東京オートサロン2017 movie」コーナーで紹介いただきました!
大井さん・デカトーさん ありがとうございました m(_  _)m
 みなさま ぜひ書店・コンビニでご購入ください

Jan 16th

● zasshi.news.yahoo.co.jp
● headlines.yahoo.co.jp
● www.mycar-life.com
● autoc-one.jp 
● clicccar.com

On Jan. 13th to the 15th the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon was held. It is the largest tuning street car show in the world and this year had another increase of customers to 330,000 people. Weather was one of coldest ever but luckily the snow stayed for the most part in the mountain areas. The booth was a simple setup with a simulated concrete wall to allow great photos to be taken. Most cars were very much the same make with highly polished up paint and wheels. People want to see and experience something creative and out of the box which we delivered. Whow! I don't believe this Whow! whow! whow! was the common exclamation I heard.

This shot is the other half of Kinokuni's booth behind the car where we were selling a smattering of our products.

In this separate hall were the cars invited by the major car magazines.

Below are shots of the halls compromising the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Here are the team members in their new team colours.

Jan 6th


Happy New Year. 2017
Back at work again and finalizing the preparations for the Tokyo Auto Salon next week. Both the race car YB2 and the company products are near ready to be placed on a truck for all to see in 7 days time. Below is the location of our booth in the West Hall, booth number 119 with an artists impression of the 2017 booth. It will be great to see you at the show.

Dec 26th
12/23 On the day before the Odaiba event the car was put on the dyno again. Because of the new Haltech computer and many sensors we were able to do many runs to step by step slowly improve the engine fuel map which was exciting work to see how the numbers changed. The engine is now running smoothly at a reliable power output so that we can now put more emphasis on testing parts.

弊社では「西1ホール No.119」で皆様とお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。
12/24 At the ungodly hour of 5am in Osaka in cold, dark and blustery conditions the team loaded the race car onto the truck. In Tokyo the event at Odaiba was just beside the sea so the conditions were the same. It was very windy and even with weights holding down our event tent it was touch and go at times. By midday we abandoned the tent to look for warmer areas. The race car was very popular and viewed by many, then all the drift cars did demonstrations runs as can be viewed in the video below. The car performed flawlessly so thank you to all the team members who have added their individual expertise to the project.
Now the preparation is for the Tokyo Auto Salon where Kinokuni will have a booth in the West Hall No.1, at booth No. 119. See you there.

Dec. 21th.
(ちなみに、前売り券も ローソンチケット:Lコード33198 で販売しています。)
On the 24th we have been invited as guests for an exhibition run at the Odaiba drift meet by Tengoku Drift Magazine. YB2 will have the pipe surrounds bolted back on for the event with the yet unfinished new aero look to be unveiled at the TAS. Apart from the promotion of Kinokuni the event will be used check new setups on the car and test the performance of some newly added products.   See you at Odaiba.

大変心苦しいところではございますが、モザイク姿でご勘弁くださいm(_ _)m
The race car, YB2 has a new look which will be unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon Jan. 13th. The car also has many more Kinokuni products installed some of which are NEW and depending on your reaction at the show will decide if we introduce them into our new 2018 catalogue which also is being prepared. 
We will be happy to see you at the TAS

是非ともドリフト天国Video VOL.111をお買い求めくださいm(_ _)m
Drift Tengoku, a sister magazine of the Option group have released a DVD showing the Kinokuni race car with footage from the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, a rained out Fuji photo shoot and a D1 drift event in Tokyo. It is a great PR boost which we hope will continue. Getting the car running for the Tokyo Show was a major achievement so many thanks to the team members who have added their expertise  over 2016. Hopefully we will be in Tokyo again in a couple weeks for another D1 Drift event where the latest tweaks to YB2 can be evaluated then straight into the January Tokyo Auto Salon.   

Nov. 12th
With the weather still warm working on the car is still fun. During testing we found that the brake pedal was not firm and didn't have a confident feel to it. Some new ideas have been incorporated in the hope that the problem has been solved. The interior had another revamp to the wiring and the console was completed. We are happy to have  secured Zestino as a tire sponsor .http://www.zestinoracing.com/ 
Slowly the wiring details and parts location are coming together.
Two team members discussing the location of a hole for the parking brake.
Looking better all the time and waiting for the next track test of Kinokuni's products.

October 26th
10月2日に行われた #京都ヒルクライム の模様が収録されています
m(_ _)m
The largest car magazine in Japan will have a write up of the Kyoto Hill Climb with an in depth article on the YB2 chassis. It will be available from 10/2 at most book shops and convenience stores in Japan. 

October 23rd
The weather has been good for the Pro D1 event held within Tokyo City confines outside the major TV Fuji station, It was a 2 day event with our car being used for a demonstration run driven by Taniguchi, who is Japan's most recent popular driver for a photo shoot done by Japan's top car magazine, Option. Remember that they tried in March on a rain soaked Fuji Circuit which was not good enough but this shoot will be on the DVD they incorporate along with a write up in their magazine soon. Because we were only guests at the event Kinokuni had no display however YB2 was in the best position at the main gate entrance for all to see. Thanks to the 2 crew members who drove the truck the 8 hours (incl. stops) each way.

YB2 is still on a safety oriented tune however it finally appears to be reliable so we can now move on to more serious parts testing without worrying so much on car problems.

 Not much time left for the Tokyo Auto Salon ( January 13th to 15th) booth to be designed and organized. Come and say hello and see the new products which we have on and tested in YB2. Hopefully they will be in the new catalogue which is being worked on now. Also on Facebook....  


October 17th
「2016 AUTO SALON LIVE TOKYO」で、展示をするために東京へ運ばれます。 
 The race car will be trucked to Tokyo which is about a 7 hour drive from our area in Osaka (2nd largest city in Japan) for a demonstration run at a D1 Drift Japan event. It is being held in a the large car park in front of one of Japans larger TV companies and will be driven by the current most popular driver in Japan in collaboration with Japan's top car magazine. It is a 2 day event and car will be on display inside the Kinokuni booth.
  It's hard to get an invitation to such a big event like this so we are very happy to put in the extra PR work. Although the car is unusual and catches the eye we hope that the revised car with the latest Kinokuni products and ideas for reliable racing perform the way they have done in our tests. Hope the weather is kind to us this time.

October 2nd
約3km程度を走り切ります! しかも往復します!!
After a great solid shakedown we entered the picturesque Kyoto Hill Climb which has very sharp hairpins, narrow roads and decreasing radius bends. Weather was HOT and humid but clear skies all day for our 3 runs. 

We are still on a testing mode so with the added air ducts through the side window venturies the engine water temperatures never went above 92 degrees with oil at 105 degrees. The radiator water spray mist system which is started automatically at a set  temperature by the computer all worked well to keep the temperatures in a safe zone.
 The GoPro mount on the rear cross brace was a good idea but the picture quality was compromised by the reflections in the Perspex bulkhead window so another mounting position will have to be found inside the car. We did have another mounted on the vertical roll bar by the left dash which was angled to show the view forward only.
We will keep learning.

With the car off loaded we await for the first run.
The tent was set up to shade all from the strong sun along within the strictly race car cars only pit area.

A group of cars line up in the first staging area before the start staging area.
There was a separate area well away from the racing for commercial booths which customers found it almost impossible to visit due to the closed access of the road.

September 29th
With the car fresh off the dyno at 360bhp we had a shakedown at Suzuka Twin Circuit again in light rain which did clear later in the morning,
This was the first test after the overheating problems so we were testing temperatures and looking for leaks. All systems performed well and a lot of good information was received.
The rear mounted radiator has left a good amount of space between the engine and intercooler.

The Haltech computer has allowed the integration of the MSD system and the individual exhaust temps. sensors have helped with the engine mapping. This new system required a revised wiring harness which now passes through the bulkhead with a multi pin connector which is normally used on aircraft systems. There is now 37 pins being used however another connector will be installed to accommodate the still remaining wires.


The water and oil temperatures were all very stable and the 2 large fans were coming on at the preset temperatures of 90 and 92 degrees respectively. There is a large volume electric water pump doing a good job supplying cool water back to the engine.

September 23rd
The last typhoon has cooled the temperatures down so it's more fun to work on the race car. We hope to have the first dyno test in the next couple of days which is down to the wire as the Kyoto Hill Climb is next weekend.
We also have been testing tile flooring for the pit area and have been pleasantly surprised at how easily it goes together and disassembly is also easy......when you know how. The extra coloured tiles are just samples of colours and patterns available. This a 10' X 16' size. One foot is the length of your foot or 12".

September 6th
It must be something of a real secret to have moved the race car in the dead of night however it arrived at the dyno and auto electricians in good shape.

September 5th
\(^o^)/ とうとう車体が完成しました \(^o^)/
It's a happy day because the race car has finished it's time in the remodel workshop. While basically not a big change the myriad of small details really took time to figure out and blend all the systems together.
 You can see that the large radiator shroud took away the space of the fuel system pumps and filters which are now laid flat under the shroud. Although the fuel system looked awesome with the aluminium pipes playing their part in the art work, now its the professional radiator shroud that is awe inspiring. 
With a move to the auto electricians and dyno shop the full car harness will be installed then the moment of truth if all the hard work has been worth it. This should happen in 2wks after which it's the car shakedown. Let's hope we can get the car onto the track between the typhoons that are pounding Japan this month.
The Haltech Elite 1500 normally needs a race dash as a data logger to superimpose the gauge overlay onto a GoPro video which we hope to have setup at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January. Kinokuni sell gauges so purchasing a digital dash makes no sense. Haltech have advised us that the CSV files can be taken from the ECU then overlaid onto a video file with the use of the app.
Race Render   http://racerender.com/Products/index.html A digital GPS data logger would be nice and make the blending of information easier but budget restraints will hold that idea up I'm sure.

August 30th
コチラは京都にあります「#AUTO CROSS」様の製品で
ご提供いただきました。本当にありがとうございます m(_ _)m
詳しくは:http://www.autocross.co.jp/ をご覧ください。
Many man hours on details have us with the motor and rear mounted radiator in place and connected. The fuel system had to be re-plumbed as space was taken up with the radiator and the large water pump. The car will now move to the dyno shop where a new wire harness will connect the Haltech computer and have lights on the car. A Jimny parts company, Auto Cross have supplied us with a LED smoked out rear tail lamps. We hope to have the car setup and ready for a shakedown within 2 to 3 weeks.

August 24th
(^^)/~~~ パンパカパ~ン 発表します!!!
On October 2nd 2016 at the Kyoto Hill Climb http://special-stage.racing/ we hope to have the race car in great condition and will have a Kinokuni booth set up so please come and visit us.
 At the moment the plan is to have YB2 assembled by the end of August after which it will go to the dyno shop where tuning, a new wiring harness and details will be finalized.  A shakedown and general parts testing will take place at Suzuka Twin Circuit with a lot of meetings and preparations on how the parts test will be conducted. We have made many specific forms to collect data on many parts.

August 16th
Lots of shave ice, festivals and fireworks displays over the last week but now the Japanese summer holidays are over and during which work has continued on the rear radiator. The radiator is fully enshrouded with large 'pull fans' to increase the air flow. Time will tell if we have made the right decision but the fuel system will need some reworking with such a big block of aluminium shroud in the same area.

August 8th
In the deserts temperatures are way over 40 degrees and Osaka is only hovering at 37 degrees but the high humidity takes it's toll on those where ventilation is limited as in workshops. However progress continues assembling the Tomei Engineering machined engine parts including big valves and correct tolerances on all engine parts. Installation in the race car we hope will be over the 5 day Japanese summer holiday which starts on Thursday this week then it's on to the rear radiator install and a cleanup of the car wiring harness. All sounds easy but!!!

August 1st
Damn! It's hot and humid in Japan at the moment and when the wind stops late in the afternoon it's truly like a sauna. The engine is being assembled and we hope to receive the radiator shrouding within the week which will allow the mounting points to be decided on. We hope to have the car track ready by the end of this month, August.

July 16th
The rainy season is just about over but the typhoon season is just around the corner. The race car engine's head is completed with big valves and the bored block should be complete within a weeks time.  The rear  mounting of the radiator with it's side mounted air scoops is still waiting on some parts. We have decided on a Haltech computer which will give us control over the all systems to keep everything safe. The team are looking forward to another shakedown probably at Suzuka Twin as it is the closest major circuit.
Kinokuni is promoting pit equipment so have purchased a sample 3m X 3m tile flooring to test for the pit area. We hope other sports like go-cart, motorcycle, dirt track, BMX, garages, workshops, events etc will use this idea to upgrade their service area. The tiles are easily separated using a putty knife.

We already have a 3m X 3m quick foldout tent which will keep some of us out of the hot sun.
Our samples of multi pin harness connectors arrived only to find that the main body was a smaller size than the adjoining parts. The aircraft connector company has an extremely complicated catalogue so we previously telephoned the company for conformation that the parts ordered would all fit together. Their reply was, "I don't know, just give me the part numbers". Nice!  Have my fingers crossed that the main body reorder we go well. The 100amp manual reset breaker switch looks good and will be used.

June 18th
The power plant has again been removed and along with another engine stripped down so we can put together a good engine from all the good parts. After another in depth meeting it looks like the rear mounted radiator will be a reality. The radiator cooling ducts through the side windows are still up for discussion though. The Kinokuni in stock NACA air duct we think may not have enough air flow to satisfactory cool the radiator but at the same time  large scoops on either side of the car would look hideous on such a small car.

June 11th
 It's T shirt weather plus we are in the rainy season so a good time to get cracking in the workshop. The radiator cooling problem could be easily solved if it wasn't for the lack of space in the Jimny engine bay. We have not been able to come up with an OEM radiator solution so are looking at relocating the custom USA radiator to the rear of the car. It's a really big job so Stacked who built the car are busy so we had the car trucked to our very professional race car fabricator SPAN, who luckily has experience with the rear mounted cooling system. He does a lot of Formula car work and is taking care of a well known 4 rotor Mazda drift car which has rear cooling with about 4X what we require.
The primary high pressure fuel pump was changed to a lower pressure pump which has stopped the aeration in the small collector tank.  The return fuel line line into the main tank has a steady gentle flow so all should be great and stop the air that was reaching the injectors. Also, we have located a USA aircraft company which sells multi pin connectors so have ordered a 28 pin unit. This year we hope to complete testing many of Kinokuni's products especially when the race car becomes a reliable platform on which to test.
Last week Kinokuni's brake line and hose dept. reproduced in 2 days all the lines on a very well known Formula F1 classic car from 1990's. The dry sump oil lines were AN16. Well done.

May 22nd
It's retrace our steps time as after the dyno test we found lots of metal in the sump. This really hung us out to dry with the promises we had made for the biggest photo shoot groups. Regroup, repair all the small details and go to the next stage we decided. An engine strip and  rebuild is the first step.  The engine cooling problem will require fans with over 5X the power we have now. In an average engine bay it's a bolt in fix but the lack of space in our car bay governs decisions. First it's out with the very thick custom made radiator and in with the much thinner ones that are being used with 400hp cars now. Problem is the available radiator height is low......always problems!
The fuel collector tank had air bubbles which were entering the main circuit. The Bosch primary pump was doing it's job too well circulating a large fuel volume into the small one liter collector so will switch out to a lower volume pump.  
The radiator cap was not sealing due to warping of the cap base during welding so will be rebuilt. Also looking for multi pin connections for through the bulkhead wiring.
Lots of detailed work which hopefully will make the car reliable for testing at up and coming circuit events.


 May 13th
#Flatwell 平井様、吉田様 ありがとうございました m(_ _)m
First time on the dynopack ( Flatwell Company) which enabled us to see close-up some of the niggling problems. The engine overheating problem has been with us from day one so we were able to look and discuss how to solve the problem. These updates need to be tested next week when the car is booked for the track by some VERY major players the names of which can't be divulged at this point. We are getting on this engine about 400bhp with 50Nm torque which is enough to wheel spin in every one of the 6 gears. When YB2 flashes past and close by, every gear shift sounds like an explosion with dust and smoke billowing behind like a rally car blasting past on a gravel road.

May 9th
Over the Japanese long holiday Golden Week, Shane was working hard with another photo shoot by https://www.facebook.com/yamachannel/ Great new ideas on shooting angles plus a couple of nice models. Thanks for the continuing promotion.
From this angle it is hard to recognize any Suzuki Jimny.
A couple of interior shots of the roll bar mounted rear vision mirror and the drivers work area.

The Setrab cooler core boldly mounted in the front which has not been fully tested yet but so far appears to be doing it's job.

April 25th
Yep! We were at Fuji and it was misty and rained almost all day but 20,000 people were there at one of largest one day race car parts event. Our 3 man team did their best like everyone else. Another big photo shoot and track test is close so we will continue to have the car out on the circuit testing Kinokuni parts.

April 17th
We have had a couple of weeks to get back into our routine life styles. The big earthquake, a couple of days ago was quite some distance away so it was not felt in our area. The major magazine photo shoot has been rescheduled for the 28th at yet an unknown circuit. At a couple of team meetings we discussed how to sustain reliability from the car plus we are also already thinking of how to display in the next Tokyo Auto Salon. As always the project's budget has to be kept and balanced against many factors as it is easy to blow out a race cars budget beyond that of the original business goals set.
Stripped down one of our previously used engines with obvious  signs of unwanted debris having passed through the combustion chamber. Bore to piston clearance was also excessive but finding a good block these days in Japan is becoming difficult and
expensive leading to the option of boring and sleeving the block.

April 2nd
ありがとうございます m(_ _)m
Nitto Tires has placed a link to an article on the race car on their company Facebook.

March 30th

長年にわたり #芸文社 様から発刊されている「#カスタムCAR」で、
車輌を移動して、ライティングして 、撮影して・・・
また車輌を移動して、ライティングして 、撮影して・・・
またまた車輌を移動して、ライティングして 、撮影して・・・


Finally a major Japanese magazine, Custom Car has published the photo shoot of YB2 on April 1st. The car studio was 1 1/2 hours drive from us and it took them all day to photograph and take interviews. Three full colour pages plus the nice model.
The major Japanese magazine that did the rained out shoot  in Fuji has cancelled the days shoot. They wish to do the whole thing again in sunny weather but when and where is up to them. At this level they invite you so a telephone call and some money doesn't work in this case.  

Another car was being shot at the same time, it is a Suzuki Hustler.

March 22nd
 A very busy week for the whole team who had the pressure piled on to get the car in it's best condition for the drive from Japan's leading driver. Well, that was the plan.
On Monday there was a successful photo shoot for a big publisher then the engine/trans. was pulled out. The car was designed to lift the body to expose the bare frame but it was found that we can drop the engine/trans plus front suspension unit rather quickly by using a lift and a rolling bench to support the total unit.
The clutch was worn thin due to the clutch line being too small to allow quick fluid flow return resulting in clutch slip.
 It was decided to change the 350hp motor with a 500hp motor to better show off the cars potential for the up and coming pro driver at the next photo shoot. After long hours at night the engine tested well and taken to Suzuka-twin for another track test. We received an urgent phone call to say that the power steering banjo fittings were leaking. The race car has very limited space in that area so Kinokuni's aluminium banjo and 'O' ring bolt would not slide into position so it was decided to use copper washers which allowed the bolt to barely enter the banjo. When the extra torque was applied on the bolt to seal the fitting the bolt elongated. A steel bolt was used which sealed the leak but started to crush the banjo. We will have to cut some of the chassis rail to allow the original Kinokuni system to do it's job.
During testing in the late afternoon and next couple of days the 500hp engine overheated destroying most major components. The theory is that the top radiator hose was not allowing enough water into the water pump which was then cavitating resulting in very little cooling of this high strung motor. It was on Sunday, the evening of which we had to leave for Fuji when the engine expired.
 Another engine 400hp was changed out but work continued till 3.30am in an open yard beside the sea in freezing cold conditions. The peace and quiet of the port area was shattered as we tested the car. Noise, hell yes! Speed, damn it's fast. The 6 speed requires constant quick changes as the car wheel spins in every gear  With a 5 1/2 hour drive to Fuji for the 8am photo shoot the pressure was on. Good news was that the weather forecast was no wind, no rain but a cold 6 degrees max.

 We made it in the appointed time with no time to spare. Yep! The magazine staff were waiting for us. Japan is so punctual. Doesn't anyone over sleep in this country? 

The weather forecast can usually be relied on in Japan but this time it was misty and drizzling. 400hp in a 800kg chassis on a soaking wet track does not mix so all plans went out the window and was reduced to the exhaustive photo shoot, interviews plus the pro driver sliding around on the rain soaked drift course.

Who is photo bombing the interview?
ドライバーや撮影スタッフ の方々には申し訳ない気持ちでいっぱいです。
Our day was to get busy when the pro driver took to the track as our wild 8000 rpm motor was reduced to 3,500 due to misfiring. Shock and disappointment all round. With help from the computer it was diagnosed as the MAF sensor being in contact with water due to wheel spray entering the ground hugging air filter. The team got together and created a protective cover, but alas all was in in vain as the misfiring continued. The photo shoot was a success in that the magazine wants to do it all again in better conditions. There was another pro driver with a wild great sounding JZX 90 Toyota Cresta who did some practice laps. Impressive was him practicing getting the car angled half way down the straight and keeping it this way through the corner. The mag. pro driver went out  together with him to check it out in the slippery conditions. When they came back I eaves dropped on their conversation. The Cresta driver asked about the cars handling to which our pro driver said the Jimny was much easier to handle with very little steering input required once the steering angle was set. Naturally the Cresta's driver jaw dropped at hearing that.  "YB2 has a great, well balanced suspension set up" he continued.  

After a big meal together at a local tonkatsu (pork cutlets) restaurant was the long journey home for the 13 member team in the truck and 3 cars. Bitterly cold at 11pm the car was off loaded and given a final blast up the road to release some pent up frustration and to wake up the neighbours. Holy cow! The misfire was gone, screaming at max revs and so was the car in a cloud of dust and rubber smoke. Believe me. it's fast. Theoretically with the 400hp motor it can do the 1/4 mile in 10.2 sec. at 225km/h.and with the 500hp setup 9.6secs, at 250km/h. We have tried some drag slicks and it really digs down and hooks up well. That's some seriously good times.

 Happy days are here again.... It appears that the MAF sensor is not broken so it was just water interfering with the AF signal. Three engines in one week is expensive, disheartening and a lot of work for the team that hold down regular jobs.
One of the team does hydro dipping which you can see on the cars cam cover. This created much interest.
The magazine looked very carefully at Kinokuni's bonnet one touch button pins, the height adjustable drift brake and a variety of other parts. 
It will be great to test it again on a dry track to test the good looking Fortune Auto shocks.

On a side note we have been asked not to add the photo shoot photos until after the publishers get the magazines on the shelves

March 15th
We are testing the car, mainly the Fortune Auto suspension plus revamped clutch and brakes at Suzuka today. There will be another track test in the next few days to iron out some details and more ideas to be ready for Japan's biggest car magazine publisher who are sending Japan's most popular Pro driver to test run the car and of course a DVD and photo shoot. They have DVD's with their magazines. The pressure is on.
オファーをお待ちしています。m(_ _)m
 Kinokini parts are getting a good workout as testing is also part of the program. I also heard that a hill climb is on the event list.
So many magazines and internet sites all over the world in various languages are publishing the race car details. Doriten, the leading drift magazine has YB2 on the front cover

The car is going to a photo shoot on Monday for another major magazine which will publish on 25th so all is secret till then. We are also testing the clutch and other problems that we noticed at the first shake down.
So many articles on the car now but here is a write up from Auto Evolution using the #Noriyaro video.


 The coil overs have arrived from #FortuneAuto USA to be tried on the car.

March 12th
So many magazines are picking up on the Suzuki/Jimny concept and here is #Revved-Magazine's write up using the #Noriyaro video.






March 8th
Alexiさん本当にありがとうございますm(_ _)m
Big thanks to Alexi for producing this great video of the YB2 on it's shakedown at the Suzuka Twin Circuit. We detuned the engine into a safe mode, still 320hp in an 800 kg chassis was more than enough to show the chassis's neutral balance characteristics.

YouTube link

撮影・編集はM-MAGIC GARAGEが担当しました。
Finally found a video taken by M-Magic Garage, rather grainy, of the race car running around the Suzuka twin circuit on it's shakedown. Like the driver said, it looks very stable with a balanced stiff chassis.

Feb. 26th
Here is the write up of YB2 by Jonathan Wong of #Drivingline magazine.


Feb. 25th
The shakedown went well with only minor problems. Clear sunny skies but cold. The photo shoot took a long time after which the car testing was done by the car creator, Shane. 
"It's better than I thought," was his first comment.
Car's suspension and balance was great, easy to drive with a question mark on the brakes which maybe a brake pad problem. Engine mapping was tweaked plus we were able to check some #Kinokuni parts some of which did not perform well but this may have been caused by other factors so will bring back the data for further study.
だがしかし、問題点が無いわけではないので問題点の改修に 着手しなければなりません。
In all a successful first day on the track which hopefully helped the hard working team members to ease the aches and pains and lack of sleep over many weeks.
スズカツインサーキット入口にて  First photo is the entrance to Suzuka Twin Circuit.

In this photo you can see the recently installed bulkhead behind the drivers seat.

And the photo shoot started

After the photo shoot we were able to get YB2 on the track to get the first evaluations of it's characteristics which turned out to be well balanced with no major catastrophes. Some time for tuning was possible and to evaluate some #Kinokuni products. With the base car in a proven state we can now get into product testing and car improvement with more confidence.

Feb. 23rd.
The first shakedown is 33hrs away so it's all hands on deck to have the car ready for Suzuka twin circuit and of course the magazine photo shoot. The first photo is the rear end of the car with a 50kg. steel bar bolted to the chassis. The car weight balance was a 70/30 split biased to the front which would have made the car undrivable so the weight was added at the rear. So many details to make it a real car is so time consuming. We found that the rear s/s brake lines needed to be 5 cm longer so they wouldn't break off on full suspension droop, brake rotors were warped, shock springs were too hard, proper battery cables for the lithium battery, needed hand brake and drift brake and so the list continues.

February 17th
2016 東京オートサロン会場内にて超超有名なレーシングドライバー
ありがと~ございま~すm(_ _)m
At the Tokyo Auto Salon the largest Japan car magazine publisher, Option/Drift Tengoku along with their interviewer, Taniguchi who is the most popular race car driver. He interviewed Shane who is the car's designer. They talked about where Shane was from, the car's Silvia and Jimny base, said the interior looked very OEM, side step graphics are not stickers but laser cut, fuel system using Kinokuni san(Mr.) parts, the  rear to have a bulkhead to protect the driver and finally a shakedown of the car is anticipated by all.
We have another top monthly magazine Doriten, offering a front page spread for   'YB2'  (Yellow Bullet 2) with the photo shoot scheduled at Suzuka next week. The team are working hard to have YB2 in race ready condition. Good luck team for fine weather and let's see the photos and videos of the action.

February 12
2016 東京オートサロンの特集にて「#Stancenation」様で取り上げていただきました!
ありがとうございますm(_ _)m
Another online mag. Stancenation.com has added our TAS2016 display to their site.
Great photos so thanks very much.


More rear shots from another on line magazine Bigway Shop.

2016 February 7th
ローターやスプリングを交換したり、作業リストを用意して またまた取り掛かります。
Well at least we know that the systems are working and the car needs a lot more weight at the rear. We have a plan in place to have the car finished and enter a series of events. This will allow media coverage and to test Kinokuni's products. It will also give the many groups who have helped build the car over the last 3 years to finally see the fruits of their efforts. So far the MSD ignition has allowed a trouble free easy revving engine with over 350bhp but the lack of an internal bulkhead behind the driver means burnouts are only fun for those outside the car. Final wiring, a safety platform for the fuel system, new rotors, handbrake  and a change of spring rates are among the list of work that needs to worked on. I hear that a really nice rear diffuser is on the list plus a wild rear wing.

January 26th
On the way back from the show Ewan had the time and energy left to take this photo showing Mt Fuji trying to hide herself in cloud and snow.

January 21st
Back in Osaka #Drivingline internet magazine was busy with a photo shoot on a rather cold wharf area. Thanks Jonathan for braving the elements.

#Speedhunters took this photo before the car was off loaded and driven into the show hall.

January 17th
After the successful show the crew lined up for this photo.
So many who all have done professional work to make the car very unique.
The biggest draw was the shock of having a 350hp SR20 motor in a Suzuki Jimny.
We had a lot of help from Hard Tuned whose apparel products can be seen hanging on the wall. They supplied and designed the uniforms.
Our pro driver Michelle Kimberlee tested the seat position.
On the way home the weather was not kind to us at all.

Jan. 13th
What a grand effort from some hard working guys and tonight it goes on the truck to Tokyo. Down to the wire so lets hope all the blood sweat and tears have been worth it. Have a safe 6 hour drive to Tokyo.

Jan. 11th
The race car is on the final stage for the Tokyo Show preparations.
Like any project it's the details that screw up a fixed time table.
A day was lost due to trouble shooting a tuning problem which finally was determined as a broken new fuel gauge.
The large black contraption in the front of the car is  what we hope will provide the interest in the car and the Kinokuni booth so our fingers are crossed.
The crew are working ridiculous hours preparing the car so a very big thank you for tired eyes, cold feet, cuts, bruises and patience.

2016 Jan. 1st
It's looking like a finished product so Happy New Year 2016.
What are they gonna do with those pipes?
The car has a weight balance of 70/30 which will make it drive like a merry go round.
We need some serious weight at the back.

December 31st.
The team is working hard and it's New Years Eve.
If you have no family commitments then Japan away from the major city centres is very quiet so no better time to do something with friends.
If you look closely the TAS idea for the car to stand out can be seen a little.

December 26th
スイッチ関係のレイアウト・位置だしも、なんとかかんとか がんばってます。
With the TAS only 3 weeks away on Jan.14th which is the booth set day we have been getting the small bits and pieces finished step by step.Every small piece takes so many hours.The pipe plumbing is almost there and the basic wiring to get the car moving has started.
The Setrab intercooler finally has the end tanks in place and plumbed up.
With the large Kinokuni inventory of pipe sizes Run Max turbo hoses (P.258) and pipe bends (P.262) T Bolt clamps (P.261) the process was not difficult plus the infinite choices has resulted with a very small number of welds.
 Lots of discussions on what switches and fuses (P.309) to use, how many and engine start up procedure. Battery cut off ON, Ignition ON, Primary fuel pump to the collector tank ON, Main Pump ON, Fuel pressure check.
Engine Start Push.......music starts.
We are using fuses that have an LED light that flashes when the fuse is broken.
How cool is that!
The engine and power steer reservoir tanks will go on next week as will the body components.

December 19th
Lots of detail work going on to have the car driven into the TAS. Working hard on the plumbing and reconditioned a set of suspension uprights. 
Painting in the now cold winter conditions plus lack of time between coats means that the paint finish was compromised. 

December 17th.
オートサロンも間近になった12月中旬 ですが、まだまだ作業があります。
Well it's down to the wire again as we are getting very close to the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon with still a lot of work yet to be done.
It looks like we have made last minute arrangements with an Australian race team management and marketing team that will take some of the strain from our small team of staff.
Lets hope that the TAS will be a success and that Kinokuni's internet presence will help all facets of our business in the coming year.
It'll be quite a new Kinokuni presence at TAS so we hope to welcome all who can make the trip to the one of the worlds top 3 race car, custom and street tuning shows.
With over 450 booths, 900 cars plus booth babes everywhere, the show has reached it's hall space capacity.

November 20th.
Found some time for more work on the car.
The fuel system is proving difficult get sealed with it's over 49 connections.
Now it is down to the swaged pipe connections that are not perfect each time they are made and will have to remake the fuel filter intake line one more time as it is the only one weeping after checking everything and made real tight.
The joint looks clean but it leaks so a new pipe is the next step.
The radiator pipes are ready for welding as are the intercooler pipes.
Another wild almost stupid but exciting external feature has been looked into to make the car stand out from the hundreds of displays at the TAS.
Not my cup of tea but we can only try and bin it if the TAS result is bad.

November 2nd.
Many hours put in to layout the lines and hoses.
Fabricated brackets and got most of the brake and fuel lines designed and plumbed.
Within a couple of days we should have the systems screwed up and ready to test for leaks.
The water lines for the heater have been pulled off as they take up valuable space and a new pipe spaghetti has been welded up.
Fuel system wired up to test for fuel leaks and there were many.
Gasoline was all over the floor. My hands were burning and great frustration at not having it sealed on the first try.
Bosch pumps 044 and 979's have big and small terminals. We have a rubber silencer on the 979 so unable to see the terminal marks so we wired it up the same as the 044 with the large terminal being positive. Wrong! The 979 is the opposite we realized an hour later by then we had fuel all over the floor from the millions of fitting leaks but happy faces.
First problem was the s/s lines had been assembled but not swaged. Out came the lines, crimped and so the process continued.
Because of the tools available there is a minimum pipe length between the pipe flare and the bends.The car required tighter dimensions which apparently compromised the lower filter pipe flare quality which had to be remade.

October 16th
 Designing the layout of pipes and lines is harder than I thought. Lots of thinking goes on with sketches to find the best solution for running the lines. Also noting the pages in the 370 page Kinokuni catalogue where to find the adapters and parts.

Also started adding discarded lines lying around the shop to better understand the space that is taken up by the fittings and how the long fuel lines can run along the chassis. Because of the upward bend at the rear and front the fuel lines which have to be threaded between the transmission mount and body they will have to be made in 2 pieces to allow assembly without distorting the original shape. The brake lines support brackets can use the Kinokuni shock mounting kit. Quick release fittings on the master cylinders and the engine fuel log.
The rear brake line runs through the drift brake and the new Kinokuni push on/off handbrake on it's way to the rear cross member to a 3 way brake brass block.

October 10th
Finally the car gets a ride to the Kinokuni workshops for the final fit out. Shot is passing the tallest building in West Japan at 54 stories high and mainly a hotel for the Osaka Kansai Airport KIX which is 5 km across a  bridge behind the hotel.
In the Kinokuni carpark with Roberto watching proceedings and wearing his Tokyo Show 2015 Kinokuni project sweat shirt.
In comes the fork lift for a delicate lift off the truck.
The Kinokuni girl's team helping with the proceedings.
On the lift inside Kinokuni. We worked hard but didn't finish designing the many brackets for the chassis pipes, remote oil filter, clutch and brake quick release etc. so that we can have the engine purring ASAP.

October 8th
Burning more very late night oil the body is back on the car with the interior looking like a real car.

Well we have the wheels on and the suspension tower braces so another step to the final fitting out which we all know looks easy but with so many details it takes time.
Still looking for time to work on the car but at 3 am we got this far with the final assembly. Well done guys.

Sept. 19th
After a lot of thought, adjusting and welding the firewall is ready for preparing for paint as well as the body interior will get a splash as well.

September 18th
Roll bars looking great with the final paint and assembled ready for bolting into into the body and chassis.


The weather is getting cooler and the chassis is back from getting sprayed to show quality.


Another day of wisdom from the team.
 It seems that your weakest hand has the best ability to feel scratches and bumps in paint. 
Also Scotch-Brite 400 grit is easy to use to get the primmer finish that will just clear the lower limit for paint to make a smooth final gloss. 
I guess we learn something new every day....thanks guys.
It's now into August so the sun is beating down fiercely but work goes on getting the frame and roll bar pipes ready for painting to a show car standard so water and 600 grit finish took a long time.

 The cross brace for the rear of the roll bar and the suspension rear uprights received more strength. 

At the same time in a different workshop the rolls bars were being finished. The hoop behind the seat will be the frame for the bulkhead to separate the driver from the rear area. The supports for the panel and rear window were welded in and brought to the yard for sanding and primering. 

Here is the roll bar hoop installed behind the driver 

Work continued till after the sun went down and got  most parts ready for the silver flake paint and the several lacquer coats to make it glisten to show, 'don't touch me' quality. 
The scratch free pipes are all wrapped in blankets for transportation to the painters. 
With only a 5cm ride height I'm going to kill the first guy who puts this car into a gravel trap. 
He is going to have to dig it out himself.

Well it's getting close to having the chassis 2 pack painted so the complete car stripped to bare bones today. 
Ahh! Alas the transmission mount has never been in the perfect position so out came the grinder to have it moved 10mm into the perfect position under the gearbox so that the urethane mount will support the weight without cracking...perfection.
How many times do you have to break down and reinstall components to get the fit just right in any project however when if you are lucky and there are many hands it makes light work. 


The weather in June is getting humid and hot and the car has the extra roll bar pipes welded in. The interior is well on the way with great looking foot plates and console. Seats are in place so getting ready for another strip down for final chassis paint.

 These are too nice to put your feet on but perfect for getting your feet to pedal height. . 

 The team deep in thought on the basic wiring layout. 

The accelerator has gone through a major cut, slash and bend to allow the remote cable to control the brake bias a straight shot into the brake balance bar shaft.
Pedals are in along with the foot plates. The remote cable for the brake balance bar was really difficult to install as the cable was interfering with the accelerator pedal.

May 2015

We are again back on track with the final push to have the race car on the track testing our company's products.
Final welding of chassis, roll bar, paint plus more CAD brackets from Kawai Works then it's off to Kinokuni for the plumbing, new dash and final tune before a track day

January 2015
So much midnight oil burnt by many people and the car is at last literally slid into the Kinokuni Tokyo Show booth. 

With only a 50mm ride height the car was VERY difficult to slide into the pre-cut wall. That wrapped titanium exhaust caused itchy skin for weeks for the person who volunteered for the job. MSD ignition has been set up to provide a powerful spark when the turbo is on boost.  
The crew that helped put the show car together lined up at the end of the show just before the booth was torn down.

In such a small car space is always going to be a problem so many configurations were discussed. Within the engine bay lines and pipe positions took a lot of time.  The race car was taken back to Stacked's garage for final finishing on Dec. 19th.

November 17th
On it's wheels just, but oh so much more work to do. It was taken to Kinokuni where much of the show related work was done but it was show time is just around the corner. 


Below is one of the many sketches of ideas that probably will not be used but provide another step to the final design. This one is a box to protect (from dust, burning rubber etc) the fuel system as there is no floor at the rear of the car.

At the same time the body, frame and roll bar all had to be placed in the best positions to accommodate everything in such a small car's confined spaces. 

We started full steam ahead to get the show car ready and worry about the race car after the show. The fuel system had been made one year previously and shown in the Tokyo Show but since that time Kinokuni developed a collector tank with an in tank Bosch pump so it was back to redesign the layout plus we realized the rear suspension hoops left no space for the design of 1 year ago. System number 3 should be a go. 

So out with the wires again to get the basic line layout. 

 More patience bending the pipes. 

 BUT!  Due to the expected pump vibrations we added a  Kevlar/Teflon and a s/s braided flex line and also to show Kinokuni's products. 

A CAD drawing then inputted into the brake press bender again at Kawai Works for another fuel pump and filter  mount and roll bar gussets. 

At this time we realized that getting the car ready for the Tokyo Auto Salon would require another body, cut in half for easy visual access to Kinokuni products.
A white donor car was found and cut in half. cut . 

The frame was finally ready for a primmer coat in the summer sun..

October 11th 2014
Quite a time jump and we got onto the preparation of painting the sub frames and wheels. Many hours went into this work but our pro painter made the result worthwhile.

After the basic grinding and cleaning came the primer coats and final coats.

October 2014 
(ご協力いただき感謝ですm(_ _)m)
Our in house pro Aussie welder was busy getting the space frame millimetre perfect and adding the brackets produced by Kawai Works direct from CAD drawings to the water cutter and bender making pieces of art in steel.

June 2014
We purchased a body which can be used to calculate many decisions and locations for the final car. Finding time to work on the car has become a major problem with so much more urgent work to do within the companies involved.

November 29th  2013
As the winter set in we moved the chassis and parts into a container. Here the front cross member has been notched to accept the chassis rails. The space frame pipes have been bent using an American bender which has made professional bends at a reasonable price


Here is a test setup we have been playing with, the engine/mission is supported off the ground, while a scrap Jimny body has been placed over the top for clearance inspection. We will be using this dummy body as a guide throughout the build.
Heres the dummy body sitting over the engine and transmission, testing the looks of some Rays TE37 in 17 inch. 
Cutting the fenders out with the plasma cutter so we can test fit some wheels into our dummy body.